Wednesday, 21 August 2013

New Year, New Position, New Blog Title?

It’s hard to believe that this is my third go-round already! This year I will be able to apply for my permanent certification in the province, and will get to have another Superintendent evaluation (there are always more hoops to jump aren’t there?).

Once again I didn’t meet my goal of more frequent updates, but I figure if my time is going to working with the kids and trying to balance my life out, it’s time well-spent away from the keyboard!

Last year was a tough one being at two schools and having two very diverse and sometimes difficult classes along with often very anxious parents. In May I was given a choice of remaining at one school only teaching Kindergarten full time, or a position in Jr. High at my original school that includes half time Grade 6 (Social Studies and Language Arts), Science 8, annnnnnnnd Health and Physical Education for Grades 6-9! 

I had about 12 hours to think about my choice (I had never even thought to teach Jr. High) and decided a challenge would be exciting. The kids seem pretty excited to try me out, and that has helped to make it feel like the right choice. I do love the little ones, but I’m sure the medium kiddos will be loads of fun too.

For the past week I’ve been in to the school, getting oriented with my new space(s) and curricula, and completely enjoying revisiting childhood literature at a new level. I hope the kids love stories as much as I do.

This summer was wonderful for taking a break and finally checking things off my list that has been accumulating items for years now. It has made a huge difference to have amazing people surrounding me, and joining in on adventures of running, hiking and enjoying life. The summer is ending with a list that is larger than ever, but I’m feeling truly happy, and while physically tired, mentally ready to try out a new challenge in teaching!

I will update as the year gets started and will include my ideas of incorporating Kindergarten activities into Jr. High, challenging Phys. Ed and health goals and hopefully, I won’t embarrass myself too much as the school year starts and the older turkeys and I get to know one another!

Thanks for reading my scrambly-thoughts!